Delegations Tab

This tab identifies delegates associated with the role. Delegates are users that a member of this role has authorized to have the same permissions and take the same actions as the member is authorized to take.

The Assignees Tab dealing with Delegates is slightly different as detailed in the following table. Note that if the members of a role require qualifying values, the delegation requires these values as well. In most cases, delegates must have the same qualifiers as the role member they are associated with.

Delegations tab definition



Role Member

Required. Use the lookup _searchicon to search for and return the member of this role you wish to create a delegate for.

Member Type Code

Required. Delegates may be principals (as defined on the Person document), groups or other roles. Select the type of delegate you want to add to this role.

Member Identifier

Required. Enter the ID that identifies the delegate you want to add or use the lookup _searchicon to search for and select a valid value. Note that the lookup will direct you to the Principal, Group or Role lookup based on your Member Type Code selection.

Member Namespace Code

Display only. Identifies the namespace associated with the selected delegate. Note that only delegations to groups or roles will display a member namespace code.

Member Name

Display only. Shows the name of the selected delegate.

Active From Date

Optional. If you want you can qualify this delegate's association with this role by date. Entering a from date will define the earliest date on which this delegate is a valid delegate for this role.

Active To Date

Optional. Allows you to deactivate a delegate's association with a role on a specific date. The date you enter defines the date on which the user is no longer a delegate for this role.

pencil-small    You cannot delete or deactivate delegates. To remove a delegate from a role, enter an active to date.

Delegation Type Code

Required. Select 'Secondary' or 'Primary. Note that this selection only applies to responsibilities associated with the role and indicates if the delegate will receive documents directly in their action list (Primary) or may choose to view documents in their action list using the secondary delegate list (Secondary).


Click the Add button to add this delegate to the role.

pencil-small     Additional fields may be required, such as Chart Code, depending on the role type selected.