Example 1: The Electronic Invoice Reject document is created if, in the course of processing an electronic invoice, the matching criteria are not satisfied or processing validation fails. For example, if a match on catalog number is required and the PO is populated with Catalog Number = 12345ABC, but the invoice file arrives with Catalog Number = 12245ABC, the system creates the Electronic Invoice Reject document and routes it for research and resolution. The processor might accept the invoice catalog number and, if this is the only validation issue, subsequent approval of the EIRT document results in the creation of a Payment Request document that can route for approval.

Example 2: Payment processing requires that the purchase order be in open status. If a related electronic invoice is processed while the PO is closed, the system creates an EIRT document and routes it for research. If research determines the PO was closed prematurely or otherwise should be open, then upon the reopen of the PO the EIRT can be approved. If there are no other validation issues, the system will then create a payment request that can route for approval.


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