Instructions for Performing Activities

The buttons shown below allow you to perform a variety of activities on the EIRT document.

Buttons on the Electronic Invoice Reject document




Sets the Research Indicator to 'Yes'. The document cannot be approved if the Research Indicator is 'Yes'.

Send ad hoc request

Routes the document to specified users on an ad hoc basis.



The system edits and saves the document and leaves it open in edit mode with a message indicating that it was saved. The document remains in the user's Workflow inbox.



The system resets values to what they were at the time of the last save and updates the status, if it has changed.



Signifies that the document represents a valid business transaction in accordance with institutional needs and policies in the user's judgment. Upon approval, validation will proceed. If there are no additional validation warnings, the document becomes final and generates a payment request document.



Signifies that the document does not represent a valid business transaction in the user's judgment. A disapproved EIRT document does not generate a payment request document.



The system prompts you to save the document. On a 'no' response, the system discards any changes from the last save and displays the Main Menu. On a 'yes' response, the system edits, saves, and closes the document, returning you to the Main Menu.