Cash Control Details Tab

Cash Control Details tab definition




Application Doc #

The document number of the source system. This number is created automatically after a detail line is added.



Indicates the status of the payment application (APP) document. This value is system-generated and is based on the attached payment application document's progress through the approval hierarchy.

Customer #

Required. A unique system-generated number assigned to identify each organization as a customer. Enter the number or select it from the lookup _searchicon.

Cust Ext ID


Display only. The customer external ID is a unique number assigned to identify each customer by customer source code organization.



Display only. Customer name or customer last name, customer first name associated with assigned customer #, customer ext ID unique number.

Medium ID


Optional. The unique identifier associated with the payment method. For example, the receipt number for cash, check number on a check, money order number, credit card batch identifier, etc.


Optional. The date the check or other payment medium was received. Enter a date or select it from the calendar _cal.


Required. The dollar amount of the payment received allowing 2 digits following the decimal point.


Optional. Explains why the Cash Control document is being created related for specific item level details.


The total of the values listed in the Amount field of each line item. System-generated.

Click the add button to add the detail line.

Click the delete button to delete the individual customer payment application document detail line available only in Saved status.


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