Printing a PO 

The print option allows users with the KFS-PURAP Purchasing Processor role to generate a PDF version of the document to print. The print action button becomes available for POs with the 'Pending Print' status.

pencil-small     The print button appears on a PO only when the Method of PO Transmission is 'PRINT' on the Additional Institutional Info tab of the PO and the status of the PO is 'Pending Print'.

pencil-small     There is no document type for the print functionality.

To print a PO:

1.     Search for the PO you want to print from the PO search screen and open the PO.

lightbolb-small     You may narrow down the search by selecting 'Pending Print in the Purchase Order Status search criteria field.

2.     Click buttonsmall_print to open a printable PDF version of this PO.

A separate window opens and a PDF version of the PO appears

3.     Close the window after taking the necessary actions, using the PDF toolbar (save, print, etc.).

pencil-small       When you return to the PO screen, the print button is no longer displayed and the retransmit button is now available. The PO status becomes 'Open' and the workflow status is 'FINAL'.


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