Performing Other Activities on a PO

After a PO has been initiated, authorized users may perform a variety of activities on it. With the exception of Print, each of these actions generates a new KFS document (although the PO number remains the same). The following chart summarizes each action and its corresponding document type. (The document type code for each is listed in parenthesis after the name of the associated button.) The table also indicates whether each action results in transactions to be fed to the G/L process.

go-arrow-red   For more information about printing a PO, see Printing a PO.

PO document types



Purchase Order Amend (POA)

Makes changes to the existing PO.

Purchase Order Payment Hold (POH)

Indicates that no payments should be processed against this PO.

Purchase Order Remove Payment Hold (PORH)

Changes the status of the PO back to 'Open' so payments can be made. An FYI is also sent to AP to indicate that the hold has been removed.

Purchase Order Retransmit (PORT)

Reprints a copy of the PO and retransmits it to the vendor.

Purchase Order Void (POV)

Cancels the PO and disencumbers all related items. This option is not available after a payment has been made.

Purchase Order Close (POC)

Closes out any remaining items on this PO and disencumbers any outstanding funds.

Purchase Order Reopen (POR)

Reopens the PO and re-encumbers any accounting lines that were disencumbered when the PO was originally closed.

Purchase Order Split (POSP)


Takes a PO with multiple line items and splits it into two (or more) POs. The line items are divided among the POs.

pencil-small     Most of these processing options are limited to members of Purchasing and AP staff, and access to them is controlled by users with the Purchasing Processor Role.


Accessing the Various PO Options

Printing a PO