Source of Funds Tab

Source of Funds tab

This tab contains information about the standard sources of funding for a KEMID. These codes are used for reporting purposes only. Examples include Specific Donor(s), Multiple Donors and Pooled Funds. You must create at least one Source of Funds record for each KEMID. Multiple records are allowed.

Source of Funds tab definition



Source Fund Number

Display only. A sequential, system-assigned number that uniquely identifies this source of funds.

Fund Source Code

Required. The applicable fund source code. Enter the code or use the lookup _searchicon.gif to find it. The code specified must exist in the system.

Fund Source

Display only. Your institution's description for the specified fund source code.

Opened from KEMID

For accounts that are opened as a result of the closing of another account, the account number of the closed account. Enter an existing KEMID or use the lookup _searchicon.gif to find it.

Fund History

Any other historical information regarding this account's source of funds (original endowment numbers or identifiers from previous recordkeeping systems, etc.).

Additional Source Data

Any additional data regarding this account's source of funds (donor IDs, campaign information, etc.).


Indicates whether this record is viewable. Defaults to 'Yes' but may be changed. When changed to 'No', this record is not displayed on the KEMID Detail Inquiry screen.

pencil-small    When this screen is in edit mode, all records (both active and inactive) are displayed and you can re-activate records if needed.


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