Benefitting Organization Tab

This tab contains information identifying the area(s) of the organization that benefit from the funds in this account. Each KEMID record must include at least one Benefitting Organization record. Multiple records are permitted.

Benefitting Organization tab definition



Benefitting Organization Sequence Number

Display only. A sequential, system-assigned number that uniquely identifies this benefitting organization.

Benefitting Chart

Required. The chart code associated with the benefitting organization for endowment recordkeeping purposes. Enter an existing chart code or use the lookup _searchicon.gif to find it.

Benefitting Organization

Required. The organization (department) within the specified chart that is the beneficiary of this endowment account. Enter an existing organization code or use the lookup _searchicon.gif to find it.

Benefit Percent

Required. The percent of the endowment fund this benefitting organization will receive. Defaults to 1 (100%). You may change this entry. If this entry is less than 1, the sum of all percentages for this KEMID's benefitting organizations must equal 1.

Start Date

Display only. The date this organization was assigned as a beneficiary on this account.

Last Change Date

Display only. The date of the most recent change to this benefitting organization record.


Indicates whether this record is viewable. Defaults to 'Yes' but may be changed. When changed to 'No', this record is not displayed on the KEMID Detail Inquiry screen.

pencil-small    When this screen is in edit mode, all records (both active and inactive) are displayed and you can re-activate records if needed.


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