The BA document is approved as final by the initiator if the following conditions are met:

      The document only adjusts a single account

      The document only adjusts current budget amount

      The Initiator is the fiscal officer for the account

      The account is not identified as a Contracts and Grants account

      The total decrease amount is not greater than the current budget balance for the object code being decreased

      If previous conditions are not met, the document continues with standard financial document routing, based on the account numbers used on the document as follows:

The fiscal officer for each account must approve.

Organization review routing occurs for the organization that owns each account.

Sub-fund routing occurs based on the sub-fund of each account.

The document status becomes 'FINAL' when the required approvals are obtained and the transaction is posted to the G/L during the next G/L batch process.

BA Document


Initiating a Budget Adjustment Document