Initiating a Budget Adjustment Document

1.     Select Budget Adjustment from the Financial Transactions menu.

2.     Log into the KFS as necessary.

A blank BA document with a new document ID appears.

3.     Complete the standard tabs.

go-arrow-red     For information about the standard tabs such as Document Overview, Notes and Attachments, Ad Hoc Recipients, Route Log, and Accounting Lines tabs, see Standard Tabs.

4.     Click buttonsmall_submit.

The document is routed to the fiscal officers of the accounts as well as any approvers in the Organizational Review hierarchy.

5.     Review the General Ledger Pending Entries tab.

6.     Review the Route Log tab.

go-arrow-red     For information about the Route Log tab, see Route Log.

7.     Appropriate fiscal officers and organization reviewers approve the document.

go-arrow-red     For more information about how to approve a document, see Workflow Action Buttons.