Business Rules

      Only accounts that have the recording level attribute of 'Budget' accept budget adjustment transactions. The budget adjustment document cannot be used on a cash control (non-budgeted) account.

      Negative amounts are not allowed except when using the Error Correction option.

go-arrow-red   For information about the error correction, see Correcting Errors after Approval.

      Increases and decreases must balance in the document with relation to object code types. Increases in income may be balanced by decreases in other income lines or by increases in expenditures. Decreases in income may be balanced by increases in other income lines or by decreases in expenditures. Similar logic applies to changes in expenditures

      If Base Adjustments have not been enabled for the selected Fiscal Year on the document then base changes are not allowed.

      The fund group and sub-fund group Chart of Account objects contain an attribute for determining how budget adjustments within that group can be made. These attributes limit the mixing of accounts with different attributes (charts, organizations, account numbers, fund groups, or sub-fund groups) on the same BA documents.

      Values for fund group are: C (Chart), O (Organization), A (Account), or F (Fund).

      Values for sub-fund group are: C (Chart), O (Organization), A (Account), S (Sub-Fund), or N (None).

      The budget adjustment applies the following rules using these values:

There can only be one fund group on the document

If any sub-fund on the document has a restriction (value other than 'N'), then only that sub-fund can be used on the document. Furthermore, the restriction level for that sub-fund is applied to the document.

If all sub-funds on the document have a value of 'N,' the restriction of the fund group is applied to the document.

The use of certain balance sheet object codes and certain object sub-types may be prohibited according to your institution's business rules (for example, on Contracts and Grants accounts).