Correcting Errors after Approval

The error correction action allows you to correct documents by creating a new document that reverses the original transaction that has been fully approved. A document created with the error correction action must route and be approved in the same manner as the e-doc it corrects.

exclaim     The error correction action should not be confused with the financial transaction document type General Error Correction (GEC), which is described in “General Error Correction” in the KFS Guide to the Financial Processing Module.

1.     Click buttonsmall_errcorr.

2.     The system creates a new document with a new document ID. The system also displays Corrects Document ID in both the document header and the Notes and Attachment tab of the document.


Amounts are in negative to reverse the original transaction.

The new document has an annotation that is an error correction.

3.     Click submit.

The header of the corrected document shows the corrected by document ID.


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