After you enter lookup information, the system generates the asset statement as a .pdf file. In this report:

      Anticipated income for the KEMID is shown where available for each income-earning asset.

      Values for the securities reflect holding totals, not individual tax lot amounts.

Statements differ for endowed and non-endowed KEMIDs. The endowed asset statement (shown below) distinguishes between income and principal assets or holdings. Cash and securities held in Income are listed under Expendable Funds, while cash and securities held in Principal are listed under Endowment Funds.

The non-endowed asset statement report (shown below) does not distinguish between income and principal assets or holdings: All assets or holdings are combined, with the exception of the cash, which is listed separately.

Additionally, the report (whether for endowed or non-endowed KEMIDs) differs depending on whether you select Detail, Total or Both.

      If you request a detail report, the output includes a separate page or pages for each KEMID.

      If you request a total report, the output is a single total report incorporating the data from all selected KEMIDs.

      If you request both, the system generates two separate .pdf files, one for the detail reports and one for the totals.


Transaction Statement