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Items section definition




Item Line #

Display-only. The actual Item line number from this PO.

Open Qty

Display-only. The quantity of items that have yet to be invoiced for this line item.


Display-only. The unit of measure copied from the PO for this line item.

PO Unit/Ext Price

Display-only. The cost per unit from the PO for this line item.

Qty Invoiced

Optional. Enter the number of items being invoiced for this line. This entry reduces the open quantity for this line item on the PO.

Unit Cost

Optional The unit price for this line item as it appears on the invoice. This field is automatically populated using the price from the PO, but it may be changed if the invoice reflects a different price.

Extended Cost


If this field is blank and if the quantity invoiced is populated, the system calculates the extended cost for this line item when you click the calculate button.

pencil-small    If the field already contains a value, you must delete the value in order to populate a new value by clicking calculate. Override the amount as needed.

Tax Amount

Calculated automatically when tax service is called. This field may be edited by the AP Processor.

pencil-small    This column is displayed only if the Enable_Sales_Tax_Ind='Y'.

Total Amount

Display-only. The calculated sum of the extended cost and the tax amount.

Catalog #

Display-only. The catalog number for this item on the PO.

Assigned To Trade In

Display-only. This 'Yes/No' indicator is based on the PO.


Display-only. The description for this item on the PO.

Invoice Total Prior to Additional Charges

Display-only. The calculated sum of the Total Amount fields of all the line items.


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