Additional Charges Section

Additional Charges section definition




Item Type


Display-only. The type of item to be charged.

Original Amount from PO

Display-only. The total extended amount of the additional charges for the item type on this PO.

Outstanding Encumbered Amount

Display-only. The outstanding encumbrance amount of the additional charges for the item type on this PO.

Extended Cost


Optional. Enter the extended amount charged on this invoice for this additional charge item.

Tax Amount

Calculated automatically when tax service is called. This field may be edited by the AP Processor.

pencil-small    This column is displayed only if the Enable_Sales_Tax_Ind='Y'.

Total Amount

The calculated sum of the additional item extended cost plus the item tax amount, if applicable.


Required for miscellaneous charges. A description is optional for freight charges, shipping and handling, and minimum order charges.

pencil-small    The ITEM_TYPES_REQUIRING_USER_ENTERED_ DESCRIPTION parameter controls whether the description is required or optional.

To display Item Accounting Lines information in order to see where the charges are to be posted, click tinybutton-show.


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