Initiating a Benefit Expense Transfer Document

To initiate a Benefit Expense Transfer document, follow these steps:

1.     Select Benefit Expense Transfer from the Main Menu tab.

2.     Log into the KFS as necessary.

The system displays a blank BT document.

3.     In the Ledger Balance Importing tab, enter values for the Fiscal Year, Chart, Account, and Sub-Account fields and click buttonsmall_search.

4.     Make selections and click buttonsmall_retselected.

5.     Make necessary amount changes and/or delete unwanted lines in the From section of the Accounting Lines tab; then click tinybutton-copy2 or tinybutton-copyall to copy the desired rows to the To section and edit those lines as necessary.

6.     Complete the standard tabs.

go-arrow-red         For information about the standard tabs such as Document Overview, Notes and Attachments, Ad Hoc Recipients, Route Log, and Accounting Lines tabs, see Standard Tabs.

7.     Click buttonsmall_submit.

The document is routed to the fiscal officer of the account and may do additional routing as described above.

8.     Review the Labor Ledger Pending Entries tab.

9.     Review the Route Log tab.

10.  The document is routed to the fiscal officers for each account used in the Accounting Lines. The Route Status shows 'ENROUTE'.

go-arrow-red     For more information about the Route Log, see Route Log.

11.  Appropriate fiscal officers and other reviewers approve the document.

go-arrow-red     For more information about how to approve a document, see Workflow Action Buttons.