Working in the Accounting Lines Tab

A few endowment transactional e-docs contain an Accounting Lines tab. Working in this tab, you may import multiple lines of account data from a spreadsheet and/or add single lines manually. After adding a line, you have the option of deleting it or performing a balance inquiry on the account associated with the line. All of these activities are accomplished by clicking buttons on the tab.

To multiple transaction lines from a spreadsheet, follow these steps

1.     Retrieve the appropriate data import template from “Links to Default Data Import Templates” in the KFS Overview and Introduction to the User Interface.

2.     Create a .csv file and import it via the  button according to the instructions in “Creating a .csv File” in the KFS Overview and Introduction to the User Interface.

To add one or more transaction lines manually, follow these steps:

1.     Enter data into the fields of the empty transaction line as needed.

2.     Click the tinybutton-add1 button in the Actions column. The system adds the line and displays a new line above it so you can enter additional transaction lines if desired.

3.     To enter additional lines, repeat the steps above.

After you have added a transaction line, you have these options:

      To delete a line, click the tinybutton-delete1 button in the Actions column.

      To perform a balance inquiry on the specified account, click the tinybutton-balinquiry button in the Actions column.


Standard Rounding Rules