Drilldown into KEMID Inquiry Screen

When you click the underlined KEMID, short title, or closed indicator in the row for a KEMID in the lookup results, the system displays the KEMID Inquiry screen for the KEMID. This display (shown below in three parts) contains extensive detail for the KEMID and many options for drilling down further in key areas.



In the portions of the screen shown above, you may access additional detail by clicking on any underlined field value. For example, to display information for the KEMID's income account, scroll down to the General Ledger Accounts tab and click on the underlined account number in the Income section.

Continuing down the screen, the lower portion of the display (shown below) contains Lookup links to the system's standard lookups for current available funds, current balances, and historical balances (all of which are also available from the Balance Inquiries submenu on the Main Menu tab). This portion of the screen also provides Lookup links to ticklers and recurring transfer transactions for the KEMID.


   For more information about the fields on this screen, see KEMID.


Current KEMID Balances Lookup