Transaction Document Type Tab

The Transaction Document Type tab identifies specific types of e-docs (if any) to be used as selection criteria when calculating fees.

pencil-small     This tab is available for your use only if the Fee Type value is 'T' (transactions) in the Fee Method tab.

exclaim     If the Select by Transaction Type box is checked in the Fee Method tab, the Transaction Document Type tab must contain at least one e-doc type for which the Include box is checked.

Transaction Type tab definition



Transaction Document Type

Required if e-doc type is to be used as a criterion when calculating fees; otherwise, not used. Specifies a type of e-doc to be used (Asset Increase, Asset Decrease, Liability Increase, etc.)


Indicates whether this type of e-doc is to be used as a basis for fee calculation. Uncheck the box to discontinue using this type of e-doc for the fee calculations for this fee method.


After entering information for a type of e-doc, click .


Endowment Transaction Code Tab