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The Schedule option allows users to view, schedule or execute KFS batch processes (commonly called 'jobs' or 'batch jobs').

Only members of the KFS-SYS Operations or KR-SYS Technical Administrator role modify batch jobs though this interface though all users can use the batch job lookup. Members of KFS-SYS Operations can edit any existing schedule job belonging to a KFS namespace. Members of KR-SYS Technical Administrators can edit any existing schedule job belonging to the KR namespace.

When you select the Schedule option from the Administration menu, the system displays the Batch Job Lookup. This screen allows you to search for batch jobs by namespace, name, group, and statuses.

Batch Job Lookup screen definition





Select the Namespace (application and module) the job is associated with.

Job Name

Enter the name of the job prescribed by the system.

Job Group

Select from the Job Group list. The valid selections are

Scheduled: Jobs which are on the standard schedule. Jobs in this group are automatically executed by the schedulerJob.

Unscheduled: Normal groups, all jobs are present in this group. These jobs must be executed manually.

Job Status

Select from the Job Status list. The valid selections are:

Scheduled: Job has been scheduled for later execution
Succeeded: Job finished executing successfully
Cancelled: Job was cancelled, either before or during execution
Running: Job is currently executing
Failed: Job failed during execution

For more detail about the status of a job or any problems it encountered while executing you can view its associated log file using the Batch File Lookup.

The screen returns the applicable list of jobs:

Click the Modify link to open the Modify Batch Job maintenance e-doc.


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