Organization Review (Review Hierarchy) Routing

Every account belongs to an organization. The organization develops customized routing to appropriate roles based on criteria such as document type, dollar amount and override code. This routing may take advantage of the Chart of Accounts organization hierarchy, meaning that approvals are set up at different levels in the organization hierarchy. A document proceeding through this hierarchy routing might route to someone at the department level, then route to someone else at this department's school or college, and might even continue routing to someone up to a campus or university level.

Organization hierarchy routing (corresponding to the AccountingOrganizationHierarchy route node) is very flexible and may be customized to be as simple or complex as needed. For example, it can be set up to accommodate appropriate routing when the Dean of Biology wants to approve every Transfer of Funds document over $1,000 that involves an account reporting to his organization.

Some documents without dollar amounts (such as account maintenance documents) also use organization hierarchy routing. While technically distinct, this type of routing functions exactly as described above without regard to dollar amount or override code.


Special Conditions Routing