Special Conditions Routing

Special condition routing is a blanket term for additional route levels that might be triggered by various attributes of a transaction. Special conditions often represent special administrative approvals that may be required. This routing may be based on the type of document, attributes of the accounts being used, or other attributes of the transaction.

go-arrow-red   Throughout the KFS help documentation, we refer to route levels that are not fiscal officer or organization review routing as 'special conditions routing'. This term covers a variety of different types of routing that are explained in the help documentation sections about the various document types that use these route levels.

For example, you may establish sub-fund routing that requires that a document using an account belonging to an endowment sub-fund be approved by a role responsible for the endowment; or you may establish Contracts and Grant routing that requires that a document using a grant account be approved by a central Contracts and Grants administration area.

Examples of special conditions routing

Routing Type



Content Routing


If the document's content is incomplete, routes the document to an appropriate individual for completion.



Separation of Duties


If the amount of the document exceeds an institutionally-defined threshold and there have been no approvers other than the document initiator, routes the document to a defined central approver.


Sub-Account Routing

If the document uses a sub-account and the sub-account has a routing rule established, routes the document to the person, group or role for which the rule has been established.

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Sub-Fund Routing

If a sub-fund derived from an account appearing on the document has a routing rule established, the document routes to the person, group or role for which the rule has been established.

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Ad Hoc Routing