Cost Share Encumbrances

Cost share encumbrances are a management tool that enables the fiscal officer of a source account to forecast the cost share transfer activity that occurs after expenses are realized on the Contracts and Grants cost share sub-account. Any encumbrances on a cost share sub-account trigger the generation of cost share encumbrances in the source account.

The KFS checks the encumbrances associated with a cost share sub-account and generates matching encumbrances on the source account to reflect where these expenses are ultimately applied. Eligible transactions must:

      have an expense object type (defined in the COST_SHARE_OBJECT_TYPES parameter),

      have an encumbrance balance type (defined in the COST_SHARE_ENCUMBRANCE_BALANCE_TYPES parameter),

      be on a Contracts and Grants account and a sub-account with a sub-account type of 'CS,' and

      not be associated with a document type specified in the COST_SHARE_DOCUMENT_TYPES parameter.

These encumbrances are created with a cost share encumbrance balance type to ensure that they can be distinguished from the original encumbrances. Cost share encumbrances are posted at the detail level, using the same object code level mapping that was used for cost share transfers.


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