Edit Project Code Tab


Edit Project Code tab definition



Project Code

Required. Enter the unique code to identify a project.

Project Name

Required. Enter the long descriptive name. The name appears on the Accounting Lines tab in financial documents as well as in searches and reports.

Project Manager UserID

Required. Enter the user ID of the person responsible for the project or search for it from the UserID lookup searchicon.

Chart Code


Required. Enter the chart code associated with the organization assigned to the project code, or search for it from the Chart lookup searchicon.

Organization Code


Required. Enter the organization code associated with the project code, or search for it from the Organization lookup searchicon.

pencil-small    While project code is assigned to a chart and organization code, it can be used in conjunction with accounts from other charts and organizations.

Project Description

Required. Enter the text description describing the purpose of the project Code.

Active Indicator


Optional. Select the check box if the project code is active. Clear the check box if it is inactive.


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