Business Rules

      Accounts used on the Grant section of the document must have an Indirect Cost Recovery Account associated with them.

      The object codes used in the document are pre-defined, based on rules established by each institution, and cannot be edited.

      The Receipt section of the document is automatically generated by the KFS and uses the Indirect Cost Recover Account associated with the account entered in the Grant section.

      After accounting lines have been added they may be edited (with the exception of the object code field). Additional lines may also be added to either side of the document. Each line added to the Grant section generates a corresponding Receipt line. Additional Receipt lines can be added manually as well, to reflect a split of indirect cost revenue between two or more accounts.

      Negative amounts are allowed. Entering a negative amount on the grant side reduces indirect cost expense from the grant account and reduces income from the Indirect Cost Recovery Account.

      The total amount in the Grant section must be equal to the total amount in the Receipt section of the Accounting Lines.