Ledger Balance Importing Tab

The Ledger Balance Importing tab allows the user to enter criteria to search for the Labor Ledger record that needs to be corrected. After the user enters the Employee ID, the name of the employee is displayed on the screen.

Ledger Balance Importing tab




Fiscal Year


Required. Enter the fiscal year or search for it from the Fiscal Year lookup searchicon.

Emp ID

Required. Enter the employee ID or search for it from the User lookup searchicon.

1.     Enter the required fiscal year and employee ID and click buttonsmall_search.

The system displays the Ledger Balance Lookup for the Salary Expense Transfer Document screen.

2.     Click buttonsmall_search again.

The lookup results list the expenses incurred by the selected employee for the fiscal year by accounting string.

3.     Select the checkbox next to the period(s) you want to transfer salary for.

4.     Choose from among these options:

      Click buttonsmall_selectall to select all check boxes.

      Click buttonsmall_unselall to clear all check boxes currently selected.

      Click to cancel the search and return to the Salary Expense Transfer document.

      Click buttonsmall_retselected after making selections to populate the From section of the Accounting Lines tab.


Accounting Lines Tab