Menu Access to KIM Functions

In the KFS, most KIM documents are available from the Administration menu tab in the System menu group in the Identity submenu group. The Routing & Identity Management Document Type Hierarchy is available in the Configuration menu group in the Functional submenu group. The Organization Review option is available from the Main Menu tab in the Lookup and Maintenance menu group in the Chart of Accounts submenu group.

go-arrow-red.gif   For more information about the Organization Review document, see Organization Review.

The purpose of each document in the Identity subgroup in the System menu group is explained in the following table.

Identity submenu group




Identifies users recognized by the applications KIM interacts with. These users might be employees, affiliates or students. The Person document can also be used to associate users with groups or roles.


Identifies collections of persons, groups or roles that need to use the same permissions and have the same responsibilities.


Defines sets of permissions and responsibilities for KFS personnel who perform similar functions. Persons and groups assigned to the same role have the same sets of permissions and responsibilities. Roles usually represent a functional set of duties (such as an Accounts Payable Processor or a Plant Fund Accountant).


Restricts and enables user actions In the KFS. A simple permission might allow users to open a particular type of document, and a more complex permission might allow only certain users to complete a specific field on a document when the document is at a particular point in its workflow.


Determines when users receive workflow requests and what types of requests are generated. Most responsibilities are specific to particular document types and correspond to one of the route nodes on that document type.


Basic KIM Concepts