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The Person document allows you to identify each user to KIM (and, by extension, to KFS). Each Person document includes data about a user's relationship with your institution as well as the roles and groups to which this person belongs.

In KIM a person is a unique combination of an 'entity ID' and a 'principal ID.' The entity ID represents a person with a unique number, and the document associates the entity ID with the user's principal ID number and principal name (often referred to as a user name or user ID). When searching for or working with users in KIM, you usually reference either the principal ID or the principal name. A single entity ID can have multiple principals associated with it, but the base KFS implementation of KIM assumes that each entity ID has only a single principal.

Note that initiation of the Person document is restricted to members of the KR-SYS Technical Administrator or KFS-SYS Manager role.

lightbolb-small   Person and HRIS System: Many institutions choose to override parts of the Person document (especially affiliations and contact information) with data from an HR system. Therefore, editing entity data (such as entity ID, principal name, principal ID, password and Tax ID Number), contact and affiliation data is not available for any role in the default role configuration. If you wish to allow users to edit this data via the interface you will need to assign the 'Modify Entity' permission to the appropriate role.


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