Organization Information Tab


This tab contains the current organization information in the Old section on the left. The New section on the right may be used to update the organization information.

Organization Information tab definitions



Organization Inventory Name


Enter a common name for inventory purposes. This name is used to sort assets within an organization to assist with physical inventories. In addition to pulling equipment descriptions from purchase orders, CAM allows organizations to include common names. (For example, 'GMC FABRICATED ABC1234 WIDE BODY DUMP' could have an organizational inventory name of 'Recycling Truck.')

Asset Representative


Enter a user ID for identifying a name in order to group and sort assets on reports. The user may search for the user ID from the Person lookup searchicon.

Asset Representative Name

Enter the actual name represented by the Asset Representative user ID. The user may search for it from the Person lookup searchicon.

Organization Text


Enter additional organization-related information on the asset.

Organization Tag Number

Enter the number assigned by an organization to internally identify assets, independent of the university tagging system.

Organization Asset Type Identifier

Enter the type used by the organization to classify the equipment.

Receive Date

Enter the date the asset was received by the organization.

Replacement Amount


Enter the cost of replacing the asset.

Estimated Sale Price

Enter the estimated price if the asset has been sold.


Payments Tab