Document Layout

go-arrow-red   The Asset document is too long to display effectively here. To see an image of each tab, refer to the appropriate tab description below.

The Asset document includes the Asset Detail Information, Asset Location, Organization Information, Payments, Payments Lookup, Land Information, Asset Depreciation Information, Warranty, Repair History, and Components, and Lookup/View Related Documents tabs as well as the standard Notes and Attachments, Ad Hoc Recipients, and Route Log tabs.

    For more information about the standard tabs, see Standard Tabs.

    If more than ten payments exist for the asset, you may view all payments via the Asset Payment Lookup. For more information about the lookup form, see Asset Payment Lookup.


Asset Detail Information Tab

Asset Location Tab

Organization Information Tab

Payments Tab

Payments Lookup Tab

Land Information Tab

Asset Depreciation Information Tab

View Asset Separate History Tab

Warranty Tab

Repair History Tab

Components Tab

Related Document Lookup Tab