GL Account Balance Posting ('Main Poster')

This process posts the entries to the GL, updating the tables that make up the GL. Prior to this process being run, entries are again validated to ensure that there are no errors in the transactions that might have been generated by other parts of the GL processing (such as offset generation or capitalization). If errors are found, the affected transactions are not posted and are dropped into the PostErrs file. This file can be retrieved and corrected using the General Ledger Correction Process document.

go-arrow-red   For more information about this file and other files generated by the GL batch processes, see Accounting Cycle Files.


Final Validation

GL Balance Update

GL Encumbrance Update

Open and Closed Encumbrance Amounts

Future Reversal Update

Sufficient Funds Rebuild

Sufficient Funds Balance Update

Sufficient Funds Business Rules

GL Account Balance Posting

GL Detail Posting

GL Reporting