Special Instructions Tab

This tab contains information regarding any unique, special instructions given by donors regarding the disposition of the earnings of the funds. For example, you institution might use this tab to record instructions related to reinvestment earnings or to transfer earnings another account.

Use of this tab is not required for any KEMID record. If you choose to use the tab, you may associate one or more sets of special instructions with the KEMID. The instructions in the tab are used for information and reporting only.

Special Instructions tab definition



Instruction Sequence Number

Display only. The system-assigned sequence number for this record.

Agreement Special Instruction Code

Required when adding a record to associate this KEMID with a set of special instructions; otherwise, display only. A code used by your institution to identify this set of special instructions. Enter an existing code or use the lookup _searchicon.gif to find it.


Optional. Any additional detail that helps to clarify the instructions in this record.

Instruction Start Date

Required. The date these instructions are to take effect. The default entry is today's date, but you may enter another date or select it from the calendar cal

Instruction End Date

The last date on which these instructions are to be available in the system. You can no longer view or change a record after this date has passed. Enter the date or select it from the calendar cal.


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