Use Criteria Tab

This tab contains codes that govern specific restrictions that donors place on spendable funds and/or earnings of a gift. For example, the criteria for a scholarship selection and distribution might be limited by gender or county. Having this information readily available can expedite verification of compliance with donor intent.

Use of this tab is not required for any KEMID record. If you choose to use the tab, you may associate one or more sets of use criteria with the KEMID.

Use Criteria tab definition



Use Criteria Sequence Number

Display only. The system-assigned sequence number for this record.

Use Criteria Code

Required when adding a record to associate this KEMID with a set of use criteria; otherwise, display only. A code used by your institution to restrict the use of funds and/or earnings from a gift. Enter an existing code or use the lookup _searchicon.gif to find it.

Use Criteria Additional Information

Optional. Any additional detail that helps to further define the qualifying criteria in this record.


Indicates whether this record is viewable. Defaults to 'Yes' but may be changed. When changed to 'No', this record is not displayed on the KEMID Detail Inquiry screen.

pencil-small    When this screen is in edit mode, all records (both active and inactive) are displayed and you can re-activate records if needed.


Special Instructions Tab