Labor Journal Voucher 

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The Labor Journal Voucher (LLJV) document is used to perform accounting tasks that cannot be done by any of the other Labor Ledger or financial documents. This document creates very open-ended financial transactions with few business rule checks.

The LLJV document does not create offsets but allows the user to select one of four options that—when passed to the G/L—determine the needed offset entry. The following four offset types determine the document type on the accounting entries:

      Cash (LJVC)

      Accruals (LJVA)

      Encumbrances (LJVE)

      No Offset (LLJV)

The LLJV document has restricted access just as the JV document does. The user must be a member of the KFS-SYS Manager role (or another institution-defined role) to initiate the LLJV document.

When the user selects Labor Journal Voucher from the Main menu, the system displays a blank Labor Journal Voucher (LLJV) document with a new document ID.


Document Layout

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