Manage Files Tab

The user can search for the intended file and (after selecting it) use the add action to perform the upload.

The Manage Files tab contains two sections.

      The Add Batch File section allows you to browse for and select a file and then add it to the inventory files in CAM tables.

      The Manage current files section allows previously uploaded files to be downloaded as CSV files to a PC or deleted from the CAM tables.

Manage Files tab definition



Browse File

Required. Click the Browse button and select the file.

File Identifier

Required. Enter a unique identifying name or code for the file.

File Upload Description

Required. Enter a description of the inventory file.


 The only action available for the file selected is . This action adds the selected file to the CAM tables.

Select File

Required. To manage files in the CAM tables, select a file from the list by its identifier.


The selected file may be downloaded as a CSV file by clicking the  button or the deleted from the CAM tables by clicking the  button.


File Layout