Making a Balance Inquiry

The Balance Inquiries menu group on the Main Menu tab provides access to balances related to the General Ledger, Labor Distribution, and Endowment.

To access any of the balance inquiry screens and perform a search, follow these steps:

1.     Select the desired inquiry from the Balance Inquiries menu group on the Main Menu tab.

The system displays the requested lookup screen. This screen may display default values; these values may be changed.

2.     Enter values in all fields preceded by an asterisk. Narrow the search as desired by including additional criteria. If desired, use % and * as wildcards at the end of or within a string of characters to represent any character (%) or characters (*).

3.     Click buttonsmall_search when you have entered all necessary criteria and are ready to retrieve the balances.

go-arrow-red   For information about individual GL balance inquiries, see General Ledger. For information about individual balance inquiries related to Labor Distribution and Endowment, see Labor Distribution and Endowment, respectively.


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