Target Asset Information Tab

When 'Merged' is selected as the retirement reason, the Target Asset Information tab is displayed.

Target Asset Information tab definition



Merged Target Asset Number

Enter the asset number of the asset that will remain after the assets are merged or search for it from the Asset lookup searchicon.

Asset Description

Enter a full description of the merged asset.

Organization Owner Organization Code

Display-only. This identifies the organization responsible for the asset and is set by the owner account number.

Asset Type Code

Display-only. This is the code used to classify types of assets grouped by categories. The asset type is the code used to group equipment for reporting. For capital assets this code assigns the useful life for depreciation.

Create Date


Display-only. The date the asset was created.

In-Service Date

Display-only. This is the date the asset is placed in service and becomes eligible for depreciation.

Depreciable Life Limit

Display-only. This is the useful life (depreciable life) of the asset.


Asset Detail Information Tab