The MPDO document is initiated by the system based on a file received from the bank and routed to the cardholder on the transaction.  The cardholder may change the account(s) on the MPDO to any active allowable accounts.  The cardholder may also choose to attach electronic copies of receipts in the Notes and Attachments.  Note: Receipts are required before the first FO can approve the MPDO.

      If there is no system match for the cardholder, the MPDO will be routed to the MPA Card Administrators for resolution.  Once there is a system match created by the administrators and the MPDO is approved, the document will route to the cardholder. 

Once the cardholder approves the MPDO, it is routed to the fiscal officer(s) for the account(s) on the transaction(s). The fiscal officer may change their own account(s) on the MPDO to accounts belonging to other fiscal officer(s).

The MPDO document then routes to all remaining fiscal officers on the document. At this second FO routing, these fiscal officers are only allowed to change accounting lines to another account of their responsibility.  If this is not satisfactory, this stop also offers a button named “return to default” which will return all editable accounting lines on the document back to the default account listed in the document description and will return the document to the default account’s FO’s action list for approval. The default account FO can then change the accounting lines to another account of their responsibility only.

The MPDO then follows organizational routing already established in workflow. These users will have no edit rights on the document, as is standard for this routing.

After organization routing, the MPDO may route to a Senior Reviewer.  This routing is determined by the MPA Card Administrators when the card is established in KFS and can be required on every MPDO for the cardholder.  The Senior Reviewer may also be required if the cardholder and an FO are the same individual and an additional level of departmental review is required.  This user will have no edit rights on the document.

The MPDO may then route to the Award node for Contracts and Grants approval.  These users will have no edit rights on the document.

The final route for all MPDO documents is the MSU Central Review node.  The MSU Accounting office will perform an audit on every MPDO for valid use.  These individuals have edit rights to the object code field only.

The document status becomes 'FINAL' when the required approvals are obtained and the transaction is posted to the G/L during the next G/L batch process.

There is no auto approval on the MPDO document.  A reminder email is sent to the cardholder, fiscal officer and senior reviewer if the document has not been received by MSU central administrative within the determined timeframe.