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The Account Delegate document is used to establish new Account Delegates or to copy or edit existing Account Delegates. Account Delegates are KFS users that are authorized under certain circumstances to take workflow actions on a document in the place of an account's Fiscal Officer. An authorized delegate can take any action that is available to a Fiscal Officer, including the power to approve and disapprove transactions.

Account delegation is specific to an account and a document type and may also be limited based on the dollar amount of the document. Delegation only allows a user to approve in the Fiscal Officer's place, when a document is at the account routing level. If for example, a document is routed to an account's Fiscal Officer as part of Org Review Routing, the Delegate would not be authorized to approve that action request.

There are two types of delegates that can be established: primary and secondary.

Documents route directly to a primary delegate's action list. These documents do not appear in the Fiscal Officer's action list unless the Fiscal Officer applies a special filter to their action list allowing them to view the documents routed to the Primary Delegate.

Documents do not route directly to a Secondary Delegate's action list. Instead, the documents route to the Fiscal Officer's action list (or the Primary Delegate, if applicable) and the Secondary Delegate must apply a special filter to their action list to see and take action on these documents.

The Account Delegate document comes with a global document and model document options. The global document allows you to make certain changes to a group of accounts at once whereas the model option allows you to make a template for a group of global documents. The feature of the Account Delegate Global document and Account Delegate Model document are explained in the section following the Account Delegate document.

exclaim     The Account Delegate Global document replaces all existing delegation for an account instead of updating the existing delegation.


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