Project Directors Tab

      The Project Directors tab identifies the individual(s) responsible for the direction of the project. Each award must have at least one Project Director assigned. Multiple Project Directors can be associated with the same award, but only one of those users can be the 'Primary' Project Director.


Project Directors tab definition




Project Director User ID

Required. Enter the user ID of the project director for this award, or search for it from the User lookup searchicon.


System-generated first and last name of the project director based on the project director user ID.


Select the check box to indicate that this person is the primary project director for this award. There can be only one, and his/her name appears first on reports. Defaults to selected when only one is listed.


Optional. Used to add a descriptive title for the specified project director.

Click tinybutton-add1 to add the project director to the document.


Organizations Tab