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The Award (AWRD) document allows you to enter detailed information pertaining to the award of a previously-submitted, external proposal. The Award document is processed after an agreement has been reached between the external funding agency and the institution. An Award document is entered into KFS to record all new sponsored projects awarded to the university, and to record amendments to existing agreements such as changes in the duration of the project, projector director or the granting of supplemental funding so that continued research can be carried out.

A proposal number must already exist in the system before an award can be established. The status of that proposal is changed from 'Proposed' to 'Awarded' via the completion of the Award document. Even though this document is completed manually, several boxes are automatically populated from the previously-generated Proposal document. The Award document can be used to establish a new award or to modify an existing awarded proposal. The Award document is also used to establish underwrites (advance accounts).

If, after consideration, an outside agency decides a proposal has merit and worth, an agreement is drawn between the funding agency, project director and university for services. This agreement becomes an award upon acceptance, after which it is a legal, binding, express contract for services in lieu of funds to perform the original outline of the submitted proposal.


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