Business Rules

      Only fringe benefit labor object codes are allowed on this document.

      Benefit transfers between different fringe benefit object codes are not permitted.

      The document must have at least one From section and one To section.

      The total amount in the From section must equal the total amount in the To section in the Accounting Lines tab. Other pending Benefit Transfer documents involving the same account, sub-account, object code, sub-object code, and year and period entries are taken into account as well. This prevents the same benefit expense from being moved more than once.

      Object codes cannot be changed in the To section

      The amount transferred may not be greater than the original Labor Ledger balance amount.

go-arrow-red   Fringe Benefit Object Code: The fringe benefit object codes are defined by the Labor Object Code document. The Financial Object Fringe or Salary Code value must be set to 'F' for the Object Code. For more information about the Labor Object Code document, see Labor Object Code.