Asset Location Tab

This tab contains new location information to update the asset records location.  The location of the asset record is only updated if the Use Location Indicator is checked for a given asset record on the ATG.

The asset type code and asset status determine what information is required on the Asset Location tab. Any change to information on the Asset Location tab causes the system to update the last inventory date for the asset record.


Asset Location tab definition




Required. Enter the code identifying the physical campus in which the asset is/will be physically located.

Building Code

Optional:  Enter the code designated to the building in which the asset is/will be physically located.

Building Room Number

Optional:  Enter the building's room number in which the asset is/will be physically located.

Building Sub Room Number

Optional: Enter the code created for departmental use. Most departments use this field to enter the cubicle sub-room number.

The following business rules apply.

 Building code for capital assets:

Asset type codes for movable equipment have the Moving Indicator marked as 'Yes' and require a building code and a room number or an off campus address that includes name, address, city, state, postal code, and country.

Asset type codes for buildings have the Required Building Indicator field marked as 'Yes' and require a building code. No room number is required.

Any asset type code with both the Moving Indicator and Required Building Indicator marked as 'No' require a campus code but no building or room number. Asset type codes for land, land improvements and leasehold improvements have 'No' in both fields.

Building code and room number for non-capital assets are not required, but must be valid if used.



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