Vendor Contracts

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The Vendor Contracts option on the Main Menu directs the user to the Vendor Contract Lookup. The purpose of this menu option and lookup are to allow the PURAP user to quickly identify vendor contracts by description, by vendor, and even by payment terms.


As with other Kuali lookups, any or all of the search parameters may be completed.

go-arrow-red   For information about field lookup and multiple value lookup, see Field Lookup and Multiple Value Lookup.

Vendor Contract Lookup definition






Select the campus from the Campus list or search for it from the Campus lookup searchicon.

Vendor #

Enter the vendor's identification number.

Vendor Name

Enter the name of the vendor or search for it from the Vendor lookup searchicon.

Contract Name

Enter the name assigned to a particular contract.


Enter all or part of the description of the vendor contract.

Contract Manager


Select the contract manager from the list or search for it from the Contract Manager lookup searchicon.

PO Cost Source

Select the PO cost source from the list or search for it from the Cost Source lookup searchicon.

Payment Terms

Select the payment terms from the list or search for terms from the Payment Terms Type lookup searchicon.

Shipping Terms

Select the shipping terms from the list or search for terms from the Shipping Payment Terms lookup searchicon.

B2B Contract

Select the business-to-business contract (Yes or No) from the list.

Active Indicator


Select Active contracts (Yes), inactive contracts (No), or both.

Search results are displayed below the lookup form.



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