Asset Detail Information Tab

The Asset Detail Information tab contains information about the asset that is being split. The information in this tab cannot be modified.

Asset Detail Information tab definition




Organization Owner Chart Of Accounts Code

Identifies the chart for the owner account that is responsible for the asset.

Organization Owner Account Number

Identifies the account responsible for the asset.

Organization Owner Organization Code

Set by the owner account number; identifies the organization responsible for the asset.


Agency owning the asset, used to identify if the title is vested in other universities or agencies.

Asset Status Code

Code indicating the current status of the asset (i.e. 'A' for active, 'R' for retired.)




Describes the condition of the asset (for example, 'Excellent,' 'Good,' 'Fair,' and 'Poor').

Asset Description

Free-form field designated to describe the asset in full detail.

Asset Type Code

Used to classify the type of assets grouped by categories; the life of an asset is assigned based on the asset type.

Vendor Name

The company or person who has sold the asset to the institution and to whom the first payment was made.


The name of the person or the company that manufactured the asset.

Model Number


The number assigned by the manufacturer to that model of asset.

Organization Text


Free-form field for the organization to enter additional information on the asset.

Last Inventory Date


Date of last inventory performed by the university or the date an asset was last physically verified, moved, relocated, inventoried, or tagged.

Create Date


Date the asset was added to the asset database.

In-Service Date

Date the asset is placed in service and becomes eligible for depreciation.

Depreciation Date


Date for which the depreciation on capital asset begins.


Location Tab