Detail Option

The detail option shows amount by sub-account number, sub-object code and object type code.

Labor Ledger View Results definition

Column Title


Chart Code


The chart code for the salary expense.

Account Number

The account number for the salary expense.

Sub-Account Number

The sub-account number for the salary expense, if any.

Object Code


The object code for the salary expense.

Sub-Object Code

The sub-object code for the salary expense, if any.

Balance Type Code

A code which distinguishes one type of balance from another. Options are:

AC: Actual
AC&A2: A21 balances and AC balances combined
IE: Intended encumbrances

Position Number

A number that identifies the position or positions to which the employee is assigned

Object Type Code

An attribute of object code that is used to identify its general use, such as income, asset, expense, or liability

Employee Name

The name of the employee who currently occupies this position (employee)

Beginning Balance Line Amount

Currently not in use by the KFS

Contracts Grants Beginning Balance Amount

The rolling total of all expense since any Contracts and Grants account (for which the individual has performed any activity) began

Account Line Annual Balance Amount

The total of all months listed in the Labor Ledger balance fields

July - June

The total of amounts shown in the July through June columns

Year End

The total of any adjustments made during year end closing


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