Adding Incumbent

The add incumbent button causes the system to display the Budget Construction Incumbent Lookup so that a search can be made for an incumbent to be assigned to this account.

1.     Click the  button in the Expenditure Salary Line section.

2.     Complete fields in the Budget Construction Incumbent Lookup screen as needed and click .

3.     Select the position and click Incmbnt Salset or Incmbnt Salset w/Sync (expanded mode) action.

      Incmbnt SalSet takes you to the Salary Setting by Incumbent screen.

      Use Incmbnt Salset w/Sync when you want the system to go out to the payroll system to obtain the newest incumbent information.

exclaim       The incumbent salset with sync functionality is available only when the institution has customized the system and the PSSYNC Function Control is turned on for that fiscal year.

pencil-small       The  button allows you to add any new position rows not yet in BC. The nightly batch update usually handles this addition, but you may not want to wait overnight to get any newly created positions from the payroll system.

exclaim       The get new functionality is also controlled by PSSYNC Function Control and must be built by each implementing institution.


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