The Vendor Credit Memo document is initiated by a member of the Accounts Payable Processor role. Routing is dependent on whether an image attachment is part of an institution's configuration.

      An AP Processor clicks the submit button to complete the processing of a Vendor Credit Memo document. The document goes into 'Awaiting AP Review' status if Require_attachment_ind='Y'. The AP Review status may be satisfied by an image attachment or in another fashion (configurable at your institution). After AP review, the document routes to the fiscal officer or fiscal officer delegate as an FYI. At the AP Review routing level, approvers are not permitted to change content on the document. They may only add notes and attachments and approve or cancel.  

      The document routes an FYI copy to the fiscal officer associated with each account number that appears on the vendor credit memo.

exclaim     The Timing of G/L Update: After a CM document has been created and submitted, it updates the G/L the next time a batch process runs. Note that this is different from most KFS docs, which do not update the G/L until the document receives all approvals. If accounting entries on the document change before it reaches 'FINAL' status, the G/L entries are updated accordingly the next time a batch process runs.


Initiating a Vendor Credit Memo Document