Line Item Receiving Initiation Tab

When you first access the Line Item Receiving document, the system displays the Line Item Receiving Initiation tab. The fields on the initiation screen are used to detect duplicate entries. Initiating the Line Item Receiving document in this manner allows the system to provide feedback to you regarding potential duplicate entries.

Here you enter information to create a new Line Item Receiving document.

Line Item Receiving Initiation tab definition




Purchase Order #

Required. Enter the PO number associated with the goods for which line item receiving is being processed.

Vendor Date

Required. Enter the date of the vendor's receiving document.

Packing Slip #

Enter the packing slip number if included on the receiving document.

Bill of Lading #

Enter the bill of lading number if included on the receiving document.



Select from the list to specify the freight carrier used by the Purchasing Department.

Click the  button to display tabs of the main Line Item Receiving document.


Main Line Item Receiving Document