Contact Tab

The Contact tab collects contact information for a vendor. Different types of contacts may be entered, such as sales, technical and customer service representatives.


Contact tab definition




Contact Type

Required. Select contact type from the Contact Type list or select it from the Contact Type lookup searchicon.


Required. Enter the name of the contact.

Email Address

Optional. Enter the email address for this contact.

Address 1

Optional. Enter the first line of the address information for this contact.

Address 2

Optional. Enter the second line of the address information for this contact.


Optional. Enter the city name for this contact.



Optional. Select the state from the State list or select it from the State Code lookup searchicon.

Postal Code


Optional. Enter the postal code for this contact.


Optional. Enter the province name for this contact.



Optional. Select the country from the Country list or select it from the Country lookup searchicon.


Optional. Enter to whose attention it should be directed to, if you want this address to have an attention line.


Optional. Enter any additional comments about this contact.

Active Indicator


Required. Select the check box if the contact is active. Clear the check box if it is inactive.

After entering a contact, click tinybutton-add1 to add it to the document.

go-arrow-red   For more information about adding multiple contacts, see 'Collections'.


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